Hello and welcome to Breakfast Anonymous!

egg couple

Going forward you can all me Waffle (that’s me on the right), and that handsome guy on the left is my husband, affectionately known as Over-Easy (OE for short). WE LOVE BREAKFAST.

This little website is our internet home for all things breakfast related in the Madison, Wisconsin area. You will find restaurant reviews in & around Madison (and from our travels), we’ll write about breakfast related topics, test our recipes and more.

A little bit about us: We met each other in 1998 and traveled in sometimes over-lapping social circles until we started running into each other more often, and eventually started dating in 2003. OE proposed on December 25, 2013 (right before heading to Christmas Breakfast with my family) and we were married on a beautiful (yet slightly rainy) June morning in 2015. We even had a breakfast wedding (that included biscuits and gravy, a build-your-own-breakfast burrito bar, and cinnamon roll cupcakes to name a few) … Can you tell that we love breakfast?

This blog is for fellow breakfast lovers. It’s for those looking for a favorite breakfast spot. For anyone looking to try something new and delicious. This is a fun project OE and I can do together and we don’t plan on taking ourselves too seriously. If you have a favorite breakfast spot in/near Madison, Wisconsin feel free to drop us a line. Know where to find the best bacon/waffles/hash browns/____________ in the area? Send us your tips! We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting!


-Waffle & Over-Easy