Willalby’s Cafe

Willalby’s is a classic neighborhood diner located at 1351 Williamson St in Madison. It’s one of several great breakfast places in the Willy Street neighborhood. Over-Easy has been there several times, but this was my first time. Right when I walked in, I knew I would like the place. It had a greasy spoon vibe and I loved the quirky decor, especially the chalkboard wall in the back. 

We went in the middle of the week to avoid the weekend crowd. There was no wait and there was one very efficient waitress serving the entire place. She took our order right away and we were happy with how quickly our food was ready.

Willabys Menu

I ordered the huevos rancheros and O.E. got the 3-egg ham & cheddar omelette.

willabys-cafe.jpgThe base of the huevos rancheros was perfectly crispy tortillas, and on top of it were layered beans, two perfectly cooked over-easy eggs, shredded cheddar, and salsa. The portion size was huge. Overall the flavor was really good; however the salsa was a little bland and this is coming from someone who cannot handle spicy food. Just a little bit more seasoning or flavor would have been nice.

O.E.’s 3-egg ham and cheddar omelette was a winner.  He liked that the ham was grilled prior to being added to the omelette, said it added excellent flavor and texture. The cheese to egg to ham ratio was perfect and deliciously melty.


Both of our meals came with hashbrowns. They were just okay. Normally we love crispy hashbrowns, but these seemed a little over-cooked in some spots and undercooked in others, and tasted a little burned.

Overall Willalby’s is a great neighborhood place to get a quick bite during the week. The food was pretty darn good. O.E. will for sure get the omelette again and I look forward to trying something else from the menu.  This place isn’t too far from our house so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

A Quick Stop at Batch Bakehouse

Over-Easy (a.k.a. OE) and I went for a walk on a recent summer morning and decided to stop at Batch Bakehouse. Batch is located at the corner of Dickinson and Williamson Street. OE has a soft-spot for chocolate croissants and wanted to see if they had one. Boy did they have a chocolate croissant — and so many other goodies!

Our mouths were watering

The case was filled the a huge variety of delicious looking pastries and breads. I am a carb addict and this place looked like heaven to me! Everything was displayed on pretty plates with hand written signs at various heights. The place seemed squeaky clean and the staff was very nice and accommodating. One of the girls was just getting off work and was getting some treats for herself. She pointed out some her favorites too.

Batch 1Somehow we resisted ordering one of everything and shared a pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant) and it was DELICIOUS!

Photo credit: Batch Bakehouse

It tasted super fresh and the chocolate was outstanding. On our way out the door, I drooled over what I’ll try next time we stop by. I can’t wait to taste the ham & gruyere croissant or one of their mini-pies (I’m a sucker for a good pecan pie!). Pie is an acceptable breakfast food, right?

Bonus: They have a chart on their website listing which days certain breads are available. I’ll for sure be going on a Sunday to grab a loaf of Sourdough and some Pretzels. 🙂



Rating: Even though we’ve only tried one thing from Batch Bakehouse, we’re giving them ONE DOZEN EGGS.

One Dozen Eggs

Best chocolate croissant I’ve had and we can’t wait to go back!

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